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Over the years, our lawyers have participated in many cases throughout Alabama. Our goal is the maximum compensation possible for our clients. The following are a few examples of successful recoveries.

Successful Recovery For Victims In Breach Of Trust Case

Firm lawyers helped beneficiaries damaged by a Trustee who wrongly diverted Trust assets and funds. The case involved trust assets including the ownership of a family business in Alabama. According to financial experts in court, our work helped recover approximately $6,000,000.00 in assets for the Trust beneficiaries.

Successful Jury Verdict and Appeal For Elderly Nursing Home Resident Attacked By Fire Ants

An elderly Madison County nursing home resident suffered injuries in a terrible fire ant attack. After an investigation, claims were filed against both the nursing home and its pest control company. The case involved a team effort. While pursuing personal injury claims in Madison County, the team also successfully defended efforts by the pest control company in Federal Court for arbitration. At trial, a Madison County jury awarded a verdict for $5,350,000.00. After the verdict, the attorney team successfully defended appeals to The Alabama Supreme Court by both the nursing home and pest control company to preserve the funds recovered.

Successful Recovery For Driver Injured In Car Crash On Highway 431

A teacher suffered serious injuries when a pick-up truck crossed the median and crashed into her on Highway 431 in Huntsville. The firm represented the injured driver. Firm lawyers helped the driver obtain important medical care and rehabilitation. Through investigation and litigation, firm attorneys identified and recovered available commercial liability coverage. The settlements recovered for the injured driver exceeded $1,930,000.00

Successful Recovery For Electrical Workers Injured By Overhead Crane Collision

Two industrial workers in Decatur fell when an overhead crane struck their extended scissors lift. Both men suffered significant injury. The resulting investigation raised serious safety questions concerning the overhead crane operation. Claims were filed in Morgan County on behalf of both men. The judgments and settlements recovered for the two workers exceeded $1,890,000.00.

Successful Recovery For Industrial Worker Who Suffered Brain Injury

A welder suffered personal injuries when exposed to a hazardous gas. The investigation raised serious safety-related issues. The firm sought the specialists needed to evaluate the brain injury suffered by the worker. The judgments and settlements recovered for the injured welder exceeded $1,100,000.00.

Successful Recovery For Delivery Driver Injured In Automobile Collision

A Madison County delivery driver suffered neck injuries when rear-ended. The case required significant effort to help the client obtain proper medical care. Firm attorneys recovered over $805,000.00 through judgments and settlements for the injured client.

Successful Recovery For Man Injured In All-Terrain Vehicle Rollover

A Marshall County man suffered serious leg injury when an ATV rolled on top of him. Firm attorneys investigated the accident and identified insurance coverage. Firm attorneys then recovered all the available coverage from several policies exceeding $600,000.00.

Successful Recovery For Truck Driver Injured In Interstate Automobile Collision

A commercial truck driver suffered injuries when struck by another vehicle on the Interstate. We successfully recovered a settlement from the driver who caused the collision. Then, we successfully sued and obtained a judgment against the insurance carrier which provided uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage to the client. Firm attorneys recovered $600,000.00 for the injured client.

Successful Recovery For Construction Worker Injured In Scissors Lift Fall On Redstone Arsenal

A local construction worker fell when his extended scissor lift toppled. The worker suffered severe injuries. Following his injuries, we helped the injured worker navigate the difficult process to obtain good medical care in his workers’ compensation claim. When the workers’ compensation carrier refused to compensate him properly for his resulting disability, we went to trial. The verdict at trial in the workers’ compensation case found the worker disabled and provided approximately $500,000.00 in benefits. We then aggressively pursued additional claims against the general contractor responsible for safety on the construction site. When that defendant also refused to accept responsibility, we went to trial again. At the end of a week-long jury trial, the jury began considering compensatory and punitive damages far in excess of the workers’ compensation benefits. At one point during jury deliberations, the jury returned to the courtroom and asked the judge to re-read the jury instructions concerning the process for awarding punitive damages. At this point in the deliberations, the case settled for an additional confidential amount.

Successful Recovery For Life Insurance Beneficiary

The beneficiary of a $500,000.00 life insurance policy sought help when the insurance company refused to pay her claim. The insurance company questioned her status as a beneficiary. After investigating the issues, we represented the beneficiary in the court proceedings and helped her recover the available benefits.

Successful Recovery For Family In Breach Of Trust Case

A family member wrongly took Trust funds left as an inheritance by a father to his two children. We filed suit and recovered a judgment for the funds wrongly taken. We pursued the defendant to other states in order to collect the judgment proceeds for our client. We were able to recover approximately $475,000.00 in stolen Trust funds.

Successful Judgment and Recovery For Family Of Paramedic Killed In Interstate Collision

A speeding and reckless driver lost control of his truck and struck a paramedic working on the side of Interstate 65. The collision caused the wrongful death of the paramedic. A young family lost a wife and mother that day. Following the wrongful death, we investigated the collision. We pursued claims against the reckless driver and for available workers’ compensation benefits. We were able to recover all the available coverage from the at-fault driver. Because the available insurance proceeds were low, we also pursued claims against the insurance company for the ambulance company where the young paramedic worked. This insurance company denied coverage. We were able to obtain a judgment against that insurance company forcing it to provide additional policy benefits. Although limited by available coverage, we fought hard to make every possible insurance company pay so that we could recover $450,000.00 for the young child who lost her mother.

Successful Recovery For Mother Of Armed Services Member In Life Insurance Dispute

The mother of a member of our armed services sought help following her son’s death. Prior to his death, the soldier had been suffering severe mental and emotional problems. While suffering these problems, another person took advantage of the soldier by making himself beneficiary of his $400,000.00 life insurance coverage. Following the soldier’s death, we successfully contested the policy benefits for the mother.

Successful Jury Verdict For Man Injured In Slip & Fall

An elderly Madison County man suffered personal injury when he slipped and fell at a local big box retailer. When the defendant refused to accept responsibility, we went to trial before a local jury. Following the trial, the jury returned a verdict of $318,000.00. In addition to compensatory damages for the client’s injuries, we successfully obtained a verdict of punitive damages due to the wrongful conduct of the store.

Successful Jury Verdict For Worker Injured At TVA Industrial Site

A worker at a TVA industrial site in Jackson County suffered personal injury when metal objects were dropped on him. At the time of the accident, the worker was welding in the bottom of a boiler. When the defendant refused to accept responsibility for the injuries, we went to trial before a Jackson County jury. Following the trial, the jury returned a verdict for the compensatory damages requested to assist the worker with his losses plus an additional amount for punitive damages. The jury verdict was $267,000.00.

Successful Recovery For Waste Water Plant Against Multinational Chemical Company

A wastewater treatment plant in North Alabama suffered a shutdown and loss of its multi-million dollar investment and ongoing business operations after receiving a mislabeled waste product. A large chemical manufacturer had shipped waste to the plant without disclosing its true contents as a hazardous biological product. We pursued claims in Federal Court against the multinational company. At the same time, we assisted our local client with the regulatory issues. After lengthy litigation, we were able to reach a confidential settlement for our client’s business losses. The case is noteworthy because of the unique business, regulatory, and environmental issues impacting our client and north Alabama.

Successful Recovery For Consumer Class Against Mortgage Company

A large class of Alabama residents suffered damages when their mortgage company wrongfully charged them certain fees and penalties. We represented the class of statewide consumers seeking recovery for the wrongful fees and penalties. After significant litigation against the mortgage company including issues addressed by the Alabama Supreme Court, the case reached a settlement in which all the statewide consumers received substantial financial refunds of the contested fees.

Successful Recovery For SUV Passenger Severely Injured By Commercial Truck On The Interstate

A young family traveling through Alabama suffered a rollover accident in their SUV on Interstate 20. As the family members escaped the overturned SUV, the young mother was struck by oncoming traffic. The mother suffered severe and disabling crush injuries to her legs. We engaged experts to reconstruct events. We pursued witnesses and obtained their testimony in four different states. We prepared the case for trial. Just days before trial, we were able to reach a confidential settlement for our client’s severe and disabling injuries.

Successful Recoveries For Disabled Workers Seeking Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The firm believes workers should be valued. Our workers’ compensation system is often unfair and unjust. Because of that, it is essential that workers suffering a work-related disability have aggressive representation to obtain the full benefits available to them. Unlike many firms, which focus solely on settling all workers’ compensation claims, we believe cases involving substantial disability must be prepared for trial. While most cases settle, we have successfully tried workers’ compensation cases seeking permanent and total disability benefits in many counties throughout Alabama. If you are looking for a workers’ compensation attorney, one of the questions you should ask is whether or not the attorney is willing to go to trial when needed. The following are a small sample of the more noteworthy cases of total disability we have won at trial:

Limestone CountyClaim involving a truck driver who fell from his truck and suffered a shoulder injury. Following several surgeries, the worker developed Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). This condition results from a complex nerve injury. Patients can suffer life-altering and disabling pain. We engaged medical and vocational experts to discuss the injury and impact on our client. We successfully won the case at trial and obtained total disability benefits for our client.
Morgan CountyClaim involving occupational asthma following a long-term exposure to mold in the workplace. We represented a City of Decatur police officer who developed severe breathing problems after working for years in the police evidence room. The case involved complex issues of air quality, long-term exposure to mold and pulmonary problems. We successfully won at trial, obtaining full benefits for a permanent and total disability.
Madison CountyClaim involving a diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). This condition is a complex and little understood condition. It involves damage or injury to the central nervous system.
Madison CountyClaim involving a lower back injury where the worker had a significant history of prior back problems. The case involved questions of pre-existing disability unique to Alabama workers’ compensation law. After winning at trial, we successfully defended the appeal.
Russell CountyClaim involving brain injury due to oxygen deprivation from an industrial explosion. We worked closely with neuropsychologists trained in evaluating brain injuries. The case involved multiple experts at trial.
Morgan CountyClaim involving contact dermatitis due to solvent exposure at an industrial site. The case involved experts in the field of environmental medicine.
Limestone CountyClaim involving repetitive work activities in a local poultry plant which led to disability over the course of many years of employment. Alabama law imposes a different and difficult legal standard on claims seeking benefits from repetitive or cumulative injuries.
Madison CountyClaim involving disability due to cumulative injuries. After winning the trial, we successfully defended an appeal.
Morgan CountyClaim involving internal organ injury following a traumatic fall. After winning the workers’ compensation case at trial, we successfully sued the outside company which violated safety rules and caused the accident.
Madison CountyClaim involving false allegations of drug intoxication. At trial, we were able to discredit the employer’s claimed positive drug test in order to obtain full benefits. After winning the trial, we successfully defended an appeal.
Madison CountyClaim involving disability after a crush injury. The case was unique in that the insurance carrier presented false job offers following the injury in an effort to show the worker did not want to return to work. We proceeded to trial with evidence showing the job offers were fraudulent. The employer conceded a full judgment before we could present that evidence to the court. We then successfully sued the company which produced the false job offers for an additional recovery.
Madison CountyClaim involving disability after a warehouse worker fell from a delivery truck. The case was unique in that the fall caused the worker to suffer traumatically induced Meniere’s disease. The disease left the warehouse worker with permanent dizziness, tinnitus, and vertigo. We successfully argued at trial that the symptoms made it unsafe for the worker to drive or attend work.
Morgan CountyClaim involving a funeral home worker who suffered a bad back injury at work. The insurance company attempted to dispute the accident at trial. We successfully discredited the defense witnesses and proved the events causing the disability.
Limestone CountyClaim seeking to re-open a case when a factory worker could no longer continue working with accommodations. We were successful at trial and on appeal in petitioning a court under a specific provision of Alabama law to re-open a claim and provide full disability benefits to an injured worker.
Madison CountyClaim seeking disability for a security officer who fell and suffered a severe back injury at work. The case involved issues of subjective pain and the limitations it caused. We successfully obtained total disability benefits for the client at trial.
Madison CountyClaim seeking disability for a hotel housekeeping employee with a severe back injury. Just days before trial, another hotel hired the severely injured worker. At trial, we successfully proved the new job was a fraudulent attempt to avoid paying disability benefits by creating a temporary position that would end after the case concluded.
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